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ইংরেজি সাহিত্য বিষয়ক আলোচনা
(★★Characters ++-Works++writers★★:)
1.Oliver Twist,/Fagin-/
Oliver Twist
by Charlse Dickens
by William Shakespeare,
3.Dunna julia,/Don Alfonso/-
Don Juan/
by Lord Byron
4.Gulliver /Yahoos/brobdingnag /Liliput-Gulliver Travels,
by Johnathan Swift.
5.Mauria/Chatleen/Nora-Riders to the Sea
by J.M.Synge.
6.Captain Bluntschli/Sergious,/Raina-
Arms & the Man,
by G.B.Shaw.
7.Mr.Darcy/Elizabeth Bennet/Lydia -
Pride & Prejudice
by Jane Austen.
Marchant of Venice
by William Shakespeare.
9.Good Angel/Bad Angel/Faustus/Mephistopheles -
Doctor Faustus
By Christopher Marlowe.
10.Albatross /Wedding Guest /The Mariner- The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
By S.T Coleridge.
11.Paul Morel/Gertrude Morel/Annie Morel-Sons & lovers
By D.H.Lawrence

12.Lieutenant Frederic Henry/Catherine Barkley /Helen Ferguson --
A Farewell to Arms
By Earnest Hemingway.
Arms & the man
By G.B.Shaw.
14.Angel Clare/Tess/Alec-
Tess of the D'Urbervills-
By Thomas Hardy.
The Tempest-
By William Shakespeare,
16.Friday /Robinson Crusoe-
Robinson Crusoe
By Daniel Defoe.
The Rape of the Lock-
By Alexander Pope.
By Ben jonson.
19.Euripides /Aeschylus /Dionysus-
The Frogs-
By Aristophanes.
20.Cassandra /Agamemnon /Clytemnestra -Agamemnon
By Aeschylus.
21.Rabi /Raghu/Mother -
Games at Twilight
By Anita Desai.

22.Rober Cohn/Pedro Romaro/Jake Barnes/Lady Brett-
The sun also Rises.
By Earnest Hemingway.

23.Edward Rochester /Jane/HelenBurns-
Jane Eyre/
By Charlotte Bronte.
24.Dr.Manette/Sydney Carton-
A tale of two cities
By Charles Dickens.
25.Willy Loman/Biff loman/Lynda loman/Ben-
The Death of A Sales Man
By Arthur Miller.

26.Pip/Estella/Miss Havisham/Joe Gergery-
Great Expectations
By Charles Dickens.
27.Desdemona /Cassio/iago/Othello-
By William Shakespeare.
28.Heathcliff/Catherine /Isabella -
Wuthering heights
By Emily Bronte.
Man & Superman
By G.B.Shaw.
30.Eppie/Nancy/Godfrey /Silas Marner-
Silas Marner,
ByGeorge Eliot.
Moy Dick-
By Bartley.
A Doll's House -
By Henric Ibsen.

33.Bosola/Ferdinand /Cardinal -
The Duches of Malfi-
By John Webster.
Paradise Lost.
By John Milton.

35.Marlow/Kurtz/The Manager -
Heart of Darkness -
By Joseph Conrad.
36.Red Cross Knight /Una-
The Faerie Queene-
Edmund Spenser.
37.Creon/Jocasta/Teiresias/Oedipus -
Oedipus -
By Sophocles.
38.Pecola Breedlove/Claudia Macteer-
The Bluest Eyes-
By Toni Morrison.

39.Viola/Oliva/Duke Orsino/Sebastian-
Twelfth Night
By William Shakespeare.
Julius Caeser
By William Shakespeare.
41.Dalila /Samson/Manoa-
Samson Agonistes
By John Million.
A Mother in Manville -
43.Lady wishfort/Merabell/Millamant-
The way of the World -
By William Congreve.

44.Orlando /Rosalind/Oliver-
Asvyou like it-
By William Shakespeare.
Sons & lover-
By D.H.Lawrence.
46.Healthcliff **-
Wuthering heights -
By Emile Bronte.
47.Goneril/Regan/Cordelia -
King Lear-
William Shakespeare.
48.Duncan,Tree witches/Banquo/Macbeth /Lady Macbeth -
Macbeth -
By William Shakespeare.
49.Isabella /Juliet/Angelo/Lucio/Claudio-
By Measure for Measure.
By William Shakespeare.
50.Adela Quested,/Dr.Aziz/Ronny Heaslop/The Professor ,-
A Passage to India
by E.M.Forster,
Eros Sultan Mahmud
B.A.Hon's & M.A.English
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