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ইংরেজি ব্যাকরণ বিষয়ক আলোচনা
1. The right to livelihood is an --
Aspect of the right to life. -- integral.
2. I guess you thing I’m -- because I don’t understand that. - stupid.
3. One should be careful about -- duty. - one’s.
4. The passive form of the sentence ‘The house is building’ is -- the house is being built.
5. A man is known by the _ he keeps. - company.
6. The man is true --his word. - to.
7. I -- here since 2013. - have been living.
8. I came home after home after the rain --. Had stopped.
9. It rained here yesterday, --? -didn’t it.
10. I wish I --a poet. - were.
11. The feminine gender of ‘drone’ is --bee.
12. Medha is --university teacher. -a.
13. Call -- a doctor. - in.
14. Of the two girls, Riba is -- intelligent. - more.
15. He asked --if he had gotten the job. -expectantly.
16. His reputation was put at -- after his business failed. - stake.
17. Which is -- of the two? - the cheaper.
18. I could not - laughing. - help.
19. It is a quarter -- ten. -to.
20. He took a lot of care and - -the table for his guests. - laid.
21. Sweet -- the uses of adversity. - are.
22. I am looking forward to --a reply from you. - receiving.
23. He and I -- well. -are.
24. No sooner had I seen the bird -- it flew away. - than.
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