Let's Discuss!

ইংরেজি ব্যাকরণ বিষয়ক আলোচনা
1. What is the verb of thr word 'play'?
- play
2. If I _____ you, I would never do it.
- were
3. The right expression for 'Am I not' is---
- aren't I?
4. 'Neglect' এর সমার্থক শব্দ কোনটি?
- Carelessness
5. 'Hard and fast'---- Phrase টি অর্থ কি?
- Fixed
6. 'White Elephant' phrase টির অর্থ কি?
- Very costly possession
7. Drive the nail into the table. এখানে 'nail' শব্দটি কোন ধরনের noun?
- material
8. Still water run deep. এখানে still শব্দটি?
- Adjective
9. Akbar still works in the office. এখানে 'still' শব্দটি ------
- Adverb
10. He did not profit _____ experience. বাক্যটির শূণ্যস্থানে বসবে----
- by
11. He despaired ______ success শূণ্যস্থানে বসবে----
- of
12. 'Back Up' means---
- support
13. What is the synonym of 'adjourn'?
- to stop
14. He has been ill ____ Friday last.
- since
15. Joy এর Adjective -----
- Joyous
16. 'Please' শব্দটির noun হচ্ছে----
- pleasure
17. 'Few and far between' means---
- seldom
18. He is accessible _____ all.
- to
19. The word 'dilly-dally' means---
- waste time
20. 'Sea' শব্দটির Adjective হচ্ছে---
- marine
21. He is devoid ........... commonsense.
- of
22. Climate is a ................ of the environment.
- state
23. He talked as if he _______ everything.
- had known
24. what type of noun is “kindness”?
- abstract
25. while he __________ along the road a snake bit him?
- was walking
26. Nobel price is considered the highest honour ________can be achieved in various field.
- That
27. Emperor Akbar— was a son of Humayun .
- a great leader
28. I cut myself, here “myself” is an-
- Reflexive pronoun
29. I wish if I ______ a cricketer.
- were
30.shakespeare is known mostly for his _____
- Drama
31. I will give you a map of the new town in case you ............. lost.
- get
32.Why....... angry with me yesterday?
- were you
33. This contrat will be confirmed ...................... December?
34. ..................... is a good exercise.
- Walking
35. I shall look .... the matter.
- into
36.Our teacher makes us ................... very hard.
- work
37. We insist on ................... leaving the room.
38. my situation was like out of the frying pan .... the fire.
- into
39. I would have lent you my notes if you .............. me.
- had asked
40. No sooner had we started out for Dhaka .................. it started to rain.
- then
41. Many scientists are still hoping ............... life on another planet.
- to find
42. She is so afraid of the dark that she can’t sleep ................ there is a light on outside her room.
- unless
43. I’ve got _________ go ________ a job interview _____ Saturday next.
- to, to, on
44. Is it more profitable to put my money in the bank or play the________?
- market
45. Having been acquitted on all charge, he can now hold his head_________?
- up
46. It is high time we ___________ ready or we may miss the train.
- got
47. The Ambassador walked slowly________ the room ________ The queen.
- along, behind
48. The idiomatic phrase ‘cash cow’ means:
- a source of steady profit
49. The word ‘indigent’ is synonymous with the word
- destitute
50. The word ‘acrimonious’ is the antonym of
- hostile

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