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লিখিত পরীক্ষা বিষয়ক
★★ইংরেজি ★★
***১)A person devoid of knowledge”
উত্তর: Ignorant
***২)The book “Ivanhoe”is written by?
উত্তর: Sir Walter Scott
***৩)The poem”Solitary Reaper”is written by?
উত্তর: William Wordsworth
***৪)The man lapsed _past memories”
উত্তর: into
***৫)Divide the money_ the two boys”
উত্তর: between
***৬)Kamal is good_ cricket.
উত্তর: at
***৭)I shall do it_ pleasure.
উত্তর: with
***৮)I am fatigued_ wide travelling.
উত্তর: by
***৯)He is used to_ hard.
উত্তর: working
***১০)The committee_divided in their opinion.
উত্তর: were
***১১)Nine thousand taka _ a good amount of money.
উত্তর: is
***১২)The word “substantiate”is a
উত্তর: verb
***১৩)The word “decision”is a
উত্তর: noun
***১৪)The word “wonderful”is a/an
উত্তর: adjective
***১৫)অপমানের চেয়ে মৃত্যু শ্রেয়…
উত্তর: Death is preferable to dishonour.
***১৬)শিশুটি হাসতে হিাসতে মায়ের নিকট এলো।
উত্তর: The baby came to its mother laughing.
***১৬) The passive from of 'Do you know the man?’
উত্তর: Is the man known to you.
***১৭) “Let me do the work”is
উত্তর: Let the work be done by me.
***১৮) He said,Good morning sir”is
উত্তর: He respectfully wished good morning to the person spoken to.
***১৯)Akbar said, What a fine picture it is!
উত্তর: Akbar exclaimed that it was a very fine picture.
***২০)→Block head
উত্তর: _Foolish

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